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DINRAC attended the NOWPAP-TEMM Joint Workshop on Marine Litter Management-NOWPAP Regional Action Plan on Marine Litter Focal Points Meeting

The Symposium and a series of meetings were hosted by the RCU of NOWPAP, supported by the Ministry of Ocean and Fisheries of Korea and held in Busan, South Korea, in from June 3rd to 6th.

In June 3rd, RCU organized a consultative meeting on micro plastic. Methods of monitoring and analysis of regional micro plastics, the progress in related toxicology and the related work carried out by member countries were discussed.

In June 4th, the Northwest Pacific Action Plan and the conference of the three countries' environmental ministers on marine Litter management were held. The conference mainly exchanged experiences on the marine litter management in the countries NOWPAP, and discussed the handling and disposal of fishing gear in aquaculture.